For us, facts are more important than words. The importance of using recycled, organic and labeled materials and recycled packaging... but above all the closing of the overall process with real recycling. We produce each of our products in a conscious way and try to make our collections more and more sustainable. This means an increasing proportion of GOTS, certified clothing and an increase of garments made from recycled materials.


Why we focus the entire collection on organic cotton, and explain it since our birth in 2005... Being always vegan and using 100% natural cotton, ORGANIC COTTON has all the characteristics of normal cotton, only it is better for us and our planet. In the cultivation of organic cotton, no chemical-synthetic fertilizers or crop protection agents are used. Instead, pests are fought with traditional methods, thus protecting the environment and our health. In addition, organic cotton cultivation manages water use and retention more efficiently by increasing organic matter in the soil.


At VAZVA we are committed to zero plastic use. We are trying to contribute as much as we can to end the plastic madness on this planet. That's why instead of using plastic in our packaging we have replaced it with natural and recycled materials such as potato starch.

Once used, please take off all non compostable tags.

Pour into domestic compost or organic waste pick-up.

This packaging will decompose within 12 months.

When your compost is ready, recycle it for your home garden!


Our garments are treated with sustainable dyeing processes and our dyes and prints are environmentally friendly. We do not use chemicals, instead we use dyes that do not harm our nature with toxic substances. All our dyes have a very small impact on the environment as they are digital, water-based and biodegradable.


Explaining that we manufacture in GUIMARAES, 280km from our warehouses and offices, etc... To show that we don't just talk but act, we work with different certifications to make our garments traceable. For us it is important to raise awareness about the value of a garment and to be more transparent and sustainable with each collection. The certifications have strict ecological standards to ensure that our garments are made with organic and recycled materials and without toxic chemicals.


Because we need raw materials we need water to produce our fabrics, just like any other brand. What reduces the footprint is the quality and lifespan of our garments, that's why our clothes are made to be used for a long time, with an average life of 10 years.

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