We are the Re-generation generation.

We pursue a common feeling around sustainability from the practice of circular and regenerative economy, in order to contribute to a positive impact on our natural and social environment from knowing, rethinking and acting on the impact of personal and professional daily activity. For all these reasons we call ourselves WE, because of the proactive action of a group, but mainly because of the search for a common impact and feeling to all around a sustainable, balanced and diverse world, in which each person adds up and each person counts...

We are an awareness-action platform.

We raise awareness and act at the same time. Our purpose is to promote a world in REGENERATION, EQUILIBRIUM and DIVERSITY. We do it from the principle of "Rethink Global and Act Local".


The origin of our awareness-action begins in 2008, when we started to promote a sustainable and responsible lifestyle. 13 years as daily activists in favor of social, economic and environmental sustainability. And we have been doing so for 13 years, motivated by a philosophy based on action behind the words.

We start from the search for the awareness of each person, promoting their feeling of belonging to a balanced and responsible community. A community aware that change begins with the people and their closest and closest environment. The Regeneration community. The one that acts from the will and commitment to a sustainable lifestyle and shared values: honesty and transparency, closeness and commitment, coherence and resilience.

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