"I want to skate until I die."
At the age of 24, his success story is enviable: this year for example he won the Air + Style Contest in Innsbruck (Austria). Beside that he already collected podium finishes and victories in contests like O'Marisquiño, the Wet Festival, the Kantera Pro Pool Contest or the Mystic Sk8 Cup.


He's been skating daily for the past 10 years, travelling a lot to gain new experiences and scenarios that make him record better and better videos. Although not a priority for Marco, he has achieved some prizes in competitions like the second place in the Levi’s de Zamora tournament.


Valen is new blood in girls sakteboarding.
She is only 13 and combines strees and ramps.
One of the most popular skaters in her generation right now
and she is focused on improving
her skills every day. 
Valen skates for NORTHSIDE indoor and TOY MACHINE.


24 years old local from Deusto skatepark in Bilbao,
a destroyed plaza with really bad conditions concrete but still motivated ripping there daily.
Josu loves DIY spots and share his passion with legends such as Alain Goikoetxea or Armando Santos.
Sponsored by FVCK skateshop. 


Guille is the new Danny León!
He is 13 and loves ramps and bowls.
He loves skateboarding and says that for him
it is meditation and disconnection drom school
and it keeps him healthy and happy.
He skates for Rules skateshop and Globe.  


Josu was born in Zumaia, a town located between Orrua and Rokaputa.
'The truth is that I used to take surfing a little more seriously until I realized that I was in a loophole: you set goals and you do not get to them, that frustrates you and makes you not enjoy what you do'
Surfing is something to enjoy!



Nacho (aka Pocholito)
is a surfer from Pontevedra who has become a national identity or icon.
While he has already been Champion of the sub-18 in Spain and participated in the QS for years,
Nachito is still dreaming of getting himself a place in the international scene.


Born in Portugal but with aussie familiar inspiration, 
he is an Algarve free surf legend.
His surf passion is his lifestyle, far from the competition,
always searching new spots and different surfboards
to feel surfing in its max expression
connecting with the ocean and its waves.


Bala was born with a single goal: to make a lot of noise!
After many concerts and their first sold out and already reedited album HUMAN FLESH, the two girls toured LUME in many parts of the earth.
Their third album MALEZA will be released on May 14th 2021.


The band was born in vigo in 2013.
Adrián, Yago and Samuel found the perfect balance between the beaches of their area and 90’s punk rock, which they love, creating a really personal sound with which they have visited many cities
and countries around the world.
They have been compared to bands such as Dune Rats, Jacuzzi Boys or Fidlar.

This Galician band was born in 1996 in La Coruña.
Its roots are 100% inspired by the punk rock movement of the 90s. Through guitars with aggressive distortions and 150 bpm "dbeat" rhythms Black Coffee reminds of the beginnings of Bad Religion, Pennywise, etc ...

No ha sido un camino precisamente fácil. Después de que DIRECTION y ON THE EDGE les convirtieran en una promesa emergente, el tercer trabajo de los gallegos We Ride, EMPOWERING LIFE (Victory Records, 17) les consolida, definitivamente, como una de nuestras bandas de hardcore con mayor proyección internacional.


Bastards on Parade se forma a finales de 2007 con base en Coruña (Galicia) combinando punk-rock con sus raíces celtas.

A principios de 2008 lanzan su primer EP "Pipes & Drunx" y graban una canción para el tributo de bandas gallegas a Cock Sparrer. A finales de ese mismo año publican "Whiskey in my Heart", un EP que recibe buenas criticas y realizan unas cuantas salidas por el estado a presentar el trabajo.


Samuel es residente en Oporto y ha recibido a lo largo de su vida mucha influencia de la escena del Hardcore en Portugal. Diseños muy marcados por el post punk y emocore, hacen de Samuel un referente en los logos de nuestras camis más agresivas.


Laura Pato was born in galicia in 1988.
She is an architect but also a passionate of design, which is her current occupation.
Her critical view about society and her ‘bad mood’ is perfectly reflected on her work and ironic illustrations about society, music or feminism.
She just released her first book of illustrations called
‘no me regales bombones’.


Richy lives in Arteixo and currently studies fashion in Coruña.
His creations are the most punk we have and remind us a lot to the 90's,
with colourfull logos and flames in all his artworks


Born in Newport Beach in 1971,

Mike was the first person that got hired by Volcom as an artist in 1996.
After leaving the Californian brand in 2015,
he started working freelance for What Youth and Confusion Magazine.
Currently he works day by day with STAB magazine and with brands of the sector.

Born in Galicia in 92.
Find her behind the camera shifting between the worlds of surfing and fashion. She uses every free minute to explore the corners of this world and you can count on her always having a camera ready to capture the most beautiful moments. 

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