The WE project is the continuation of 10 years environmental caring and our commitment to sustainability. 
By always putting the sea in the centre of all efforts we are looking back on 10 years of beach clean-ups, holding events in different locations and cities, promoting surfing, skateboarding, art and culture in a familiar atmosphere. Now it is time to strengthen the project and our commitment and to expand it by involving more people, brands and associations that are trying to make an impact on the awareness in society for a better future
for the next generations.

We have set some short and long term objectives, and like any other sustainability and environmental project, we have our 8 "R's":


These 8 words or "hashtags" are part of our essence and are attached to our image with the 8 that represents infinity and durability.


WE love the ocean and our beautiful blue planet. How is your relationship with our earth? It is up to us, every one of us, to behave in a way that enables us, and future generations to live in a clean world. A world that has oceans with more fish than plastic. Read the next points and find out how we can respect our environment.

WE need CO2 in the atmosphere to survive. But right now, we blow up too much of it. As a result, the temperature of the earth rises at a pace that makes any adaptation from nature to the change almost impossible.

Which form of transport do you really need to get from one place to another?


WE use it again and again and again!
Whether it is our reusable bottle, the tote bag or metal straw. We want to use products that are not destined for garbage after using them only once. To be able to reuse products think before you purchase. Are they going to be broken in no time or can you reuse them? 


WE take our empty bottles and put them into the recycling bin. Yeah really, it is that easy! The industry will do the rest for you. Recycling is an industrial process of converting waste into new products. But to make this possible they need our help! They need you and me to throw our waste into the right recycling bin. Rubbish does not always have to go to landfill but can be converted into resources. Kind of magic, hmm?!


WE don`t really need all of this! Do we? Refusing unnecessary things requires a little bit of planning and discipline but makes the biggest difference. Do you take the plastic bag offered in the grocery store or are you carrying your own tote bag? And do you really need a plastic straw for drinking? 


WE love our clothes, boards, wetsuits …
These are things we use every day and yes, eventually they will break. Now we have the choice - repair them or throw them away and buy new stuff. It sure is not always easy to repair your things but why don`t you come to your local surf shop? The guys will help you with advice on how to handle broken neoprene or tell you where to find the next repair shop for your board.


WE give new life to old things. This is a really fun part and we can let our creativity run free. By remaking or upcycling products we can turn broken or useless „waste“ into products with a higher value. By doing so we do use our head, heart and hands to manufacture products but save valuable resources.


WE can`t do this on our own! WE would love it if you became part of our community. A  community which is trying to make the world a better place - step by step every day. And if you spread the word and tell your friends and family about it, it’s going to be even more fun and we will move faster! 

10 years of sustainability

The Cav Surfing Project was born in 2009.

It is a collaboration between Vazva and Cabreiroa that values the power of sports, cares for the environment and sees positive and healthy habits as an essential aspect for the future.

A project closely linked to water and the ocean, and therefore, its logo contains a drop of water that represents a healthy lifestyle and a new way to see things.

With this drop and the commitment of participating brands, all the events and actions of the CAV project have been connected to water, nature and well-being, as well as the promotion of sports and arts.

Since 2/3 of our body consists of water and we need to consume it every day in order to hydrate and have a good rhythm of life it has a big significance in our lives.

Different artists and illustrators show their support for this project in order to bring life to our ideas and turn the drop into a game of colours and shapes for our events.

The CAV Junior Series began in June 2009 as a transgressive event that has been betting on sports and family values, find out details on xxnxx. I was all about enjoying a day on the beach with surfing competitions and games, but we also held educational workshops and talks about nutrition, environment, sports and health.

We see the beach as a part of the ocean and love being able to enjoy the warmth of the sand and above all, having fun with friends outside…because it makes us feel free!

Next to our beach activities there were street events like the Wahrld Tour, which was a skateboarding event that took place in the heart of the city, always combined with good music and good vibes. 

Mission y objectives

It is time to act!

The sea has always been and is our life, since we have spent thousands of hours in its water, sharing unforgettable moments with marine life in this unique and wild environment.

It is time to take a serious initiative and fight against something that, faster and faster, is becoming an "uncomfortable truth". We cannot and do not want to look away. We want to fight.  

Therefore, through WE and some more new projects to be presented soon, we will do everything possible to do our part and take care of our oceans and environment to give back to the sea.

We will reinforce and enhance our commitment to Sustainability and the Environment in a "real and pure" way.

We want to treat our world in a way that makes it possible for future generations to enjoy our natural recourses and therefore we are searching for other and more sustainable ways of doing life.

It is in our hands to be responsible and it is time to take a step forward!



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