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Many brands have their clothes produced under inhumane conditions and in factories where labour is the cheapest. This results in starvation wages in the producing countries, dangerous chemicals in the textiles and low quality and durability of the garments. Our clothes are made in Portugal. Fair wages, good working conditions and no excessive overtime hours are a matter of course in these factories. It also allows us to personally stay in close contact and build a trust based relationship with our suppliers.
We often work with local artists or craftsmen to design creative and unique products which reflect our philosophy. For us it is important to support gifted artisans and craft products made with love and under fair conditions.
At VAZVA, we want to manufacture products you can enjoy for a long time. A careful selection and processing of raw materials therefore is obvious for us. If the garments feel good for a long time and you feel comfy wearing them over and over again, you do not throw them in the trash so quickly and together we produce less waste.
We produce each of our products consciously and try to make our collections more sustainable every time. This means a growing proportion of GOTS certified clothing and other products made from sustainable raw materials. The GOTS certificate is a globally recognized textile seal that certifies the manufacture of sustainable products.

Your impact

Fast fashion has significantly changed the fashion industry in recent years. Clothing has become an extremely affordable and fast-moving product that is commonly thrown away in no time. However, often the low prices are deceptive when we look at how often we really wear the cheap clothes. An example: If you buy a sweatshirt for 15 € that is ruined after wearing it 5 times, it will cost you 3 € per wearBut if you spend 55 Euros on a high quality sweatshirt you love to wear and even after 25 washes retains its shape and colour it costs less then 2.20 € per wear. The result: Expensive clothes we use longer turn out to be much cheaper than the cheap ones of poor quality.
Everyone deserves a second chance! Try to mend your clothes instead of disposing of them directly. They do not fit anymore to you and your style? No reason for the bin. Pass them on or sell them - there are many organizations that will be happy about your donation or sell them at a flea market. These options don’t work? Then give us your VAZVA clothing so we can recycle them and make new cloth for you and your friends.
You have chosen your clothes with care and that is how they should be treated. Only wash garments when really necessary and air dry if possible. This is going to help them last longer and it is saving a lot of water and CO2 as well! Using low temperature programs will also extend the lifetime of your items and make them feel as new for a lot longer.
It is easy to talk.
And it is easy to start making a difference as well!
None of us are perfect but by trying a little harder and being a little better every day we can make a big difference. Speak to your loved ones about it as well. It will be easier if we all work together.

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