Surfing FlagShip

Vazva was born from the passion for surfing and therefore we have always supported both, the surfer and the surf-industry itself by promoting the lifestyle and sports with events, environmental action and surf schools.

The shop is located on the beach of Orzán, at Barrie de la Maza Avenue 14 only 150 meters from the famous Matadero summit which, when the funds settle, has one of the best sandbars in Europe.

Here you can find the best surf brands and always get an advice from people who have been "sucking" beach and salt water for years and have chosen to turn their passion into a way of life and work.

It is a luxury to have a city beach in front of you and we have held various events there such as championships, table tests and training activities like surf schools and others...

In 2012 for example, we did a junior surfing world championship within the WSL with two stars in boys and two in girls, called Wharld Pro Junior. 

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Skateboarding FlagStore

Skateboarding is another passion, and one of the strongest pillars at Vazva. We consider the skate as a source of inspiration for the textile and above all as an extension of surfing on the street.

The skateboarding technique and its purity fascinates us day by day and that is why we have opened a shop in the heart of La Coruña, on Calle Real 69, that is 100% dedicated to skateboarding.

We have restored a 120 year old shop, taking maximum care of its concept to keep the architecture and beauty and to create a home for skateboarding in the middle of the city with a perfect combination of underground- and modern lifestyle.

From here we want to promote skateboarding with simple street events and we even host events like the donkey, demountable modules etc. inside the store.

To emit the minimum of CO2 emissions we try to follow the claim “Patina, No Contamina!” (Skate, do not pollute) as much as possible and therefore we take our skateboards for short distances and leave the car where it is whenever it is possible.

Our first concept store is located in the heart of Pontevedra, Rúa Peregrina. A shop that captivates with Californian flair and whose love for the sea and the coast is reflected by its identity. The passion for surfing is deeply rooted in the family, so they are committed to the protection of the coastline and supporting activities that advance the world of surfing and skateboarding.

Nacho Santalla is a national classic of the skate world. His skateboarding school "La Madriguera" counts up to 100 students on weekends and therefore the decision was made to take the next step and to open a concept store on the Coruña 3 in Ferrol. The shop embodies 100% pure skateboarding and can serve with excellent advice due to more than 15 years of experience in the skate sector. Whenever you come to La Plaza, this is the meeting place where you'll find like-minded people to skate.


The surf shop Blackstone is located close to the beach Las Americas on Tenerife and is only 1 minute away from the mystical left of Las Palmeras, where the QS is celebrated in February. The shop that is 100% dedicated to surfing also has a surf school, and students like Paolo Giorgi and Daniela Boldini, who are nationally well known have learnt here.


There is going to be a new shop on Calle Sorni in Valencia soon and it will be called Heroina. Doors will be open in the beginning of May! Stay tuned!


The Shop Cost Supply is located on R. Cândido dos Reis 58 in the centre of Lagos in Portugal. The Algarve has become a key area for those looking for rest and a good surf. Its unique beaches and the structure of the coast allows surfers to find spots and waves for all levels. The shop is 100% committed to sustainability and apart from SUPs you can also rent bikes and even electric bikes to explore the area in an environmentally conscious way.


The shop is located next to a skate park in front of the sea in Sagres, Portugal. In addition to surfboards for all levels, bicycles can be hired to explore the area in an environmentally friendly way. Also, you can always ask for the best spots for surfing or the forecast for the next few days. Algarve Surf is a group of surf camps, shops and hostels that can be found all over the south of Portugal. 

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