The brand VAZVA was born in the middle of 2005 with the aim of offering a more transgressive lifestyle through fashion and collections with high quality fabrics and comfortable and durable garments.

Vazva is 100% linked to surfing, skating, art and punk rock and one of the pillars of the brand is the promotion and empowerment of this lifestyle. Therefore, the sponsorship of skaters, surfers and artists has always been a self-evident matter during the history of the company.

At first the brand Vazva was born as a business mix of multi-brand stores, surf-school and skateboarding- and surfing-team. Years later and as a result of the crisis of the sector, the stores became single brand stores and the collections became much more holistic and complete covering the categories teens, women, men and kids by the end of 2010.

Today, after almost 14 years, we reinforce our commitment to Sustainability and the Environment.

 Looking back on more than 13 years of manufacturing in Europe, the optimization of using our natural resources is always accompanied by the maximum respect for the sea and its coasts.

It is time to establish a much stronger commitment, reinforce efforts and implement more projects to strengthen people’s awareness for a better future by using recycled or upcycled products to keep them in the loop and give them a new life over and over again.

This is of great importance because our planet has got limited resources and the end of them is foreseeable. It’s time to change our way of consumption into a more sustainable one with less impact on our planet and more respect for animals.

The experience of manufacturing our clothes with high quality cotton, strict selection of fabrics and exhaustive quality controls enables us to provide products in excellent quality.

The brand works on "social equality" by collaborating and promoting the sport through charitable and disabled associations, as well as providing economic resources in the fight against Cancer. 

"I think that only through failure success can be achieved"

My name is Oscar Vales and I was born into a family of high performance athletes. My father played in Deportivo de La Coruña for almost 9 years and my brother Marcos played in the first division for 13 years, going through teams such as Super Depor, Sevilla, Zaragoza,… until he made his debut in the senior team.

Therefore, from a very young age, I played soccer and according to what the "gurus" said, I was the most gifted one of the three of us. But its funny how life plays out. Sometimes just hearing you are very good at something is enough to make you lose your ambition and your capacity for humility.

Also, from a very young age, I was passionate about surfing. When I bought my first board at 9 years old, I could hardly get this sport out of my head ...I loved being on the beach all day and could only think about the sea and its waves.

A couple of years and lots of waves and surf-dreams later I finished my studies in Business Administration. I moved to California for a few months and after I returned to Galicia when I was only 22 years old, I decided to build a brand which fits to the lifestyle I was passionate about: surfing, skateboarding and punk rock.

Everything started very well; the business model was a mix of surf school and lifestyle brand and Vazva was beginning to become known nationally. We had a strong alliance with Estrella Galicia and were able to set up big events and managed to do things that I had never dreamed of.

However the beginning of the expansion was also the beginning of the crisis here in Spain and some really critical years for the brand.

And when you think that things are going well, you start to relax, and you can forget the values ​​that had been instilled in you and your humility begins to disappear....

"It is good to celebrate success, but much better to pay attention to the lessons of failure"

In the end of 2013 my life was a mess and the business was out of control. It is crazy to think how hard it is to get things working and how quickly you can lose it all.

The hardest part of my life began, and this is truly one I will never forget. We had to close stores, fire friends and negotiate with banks, suppliers and owners. It was really tough to see that during the good times everyone comes together but in the bad times only the ones who really love you appear, the family.  

There were months of anxiety and depression without seeing any light, but sometimes luck returns with time… and with my mind open and some modesty,our clients showed me the way to get out of the well.

What comes next is pretty much the same again, but with some big differences because once you’ve tasted failure, you value life with new perspective.

So, long live punk rock and like my great idol Mike Ness of Social Distortion inspired by Roosevelt says:

"Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
Today is a gift "

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