Polo Enriquez, a glass artist with more than 30 years of experience, and his daughter, Alicia Enriquez, a product designer, lead this family project that fuses craftsmanship and design with sustainability as a base.


All the pieces are handmade with our own hands, that's why they are limited and no two are exactly alike. Behind BRANQUETA are the hands of Maialen A.C., making everything from Spain.


Behind KHETT is a team of restless young people who love crafts, recycling and sports. They got together to create a unique and sustainable product. They make all kinds of pieces: lamps, pendants, bracelets...


Fair enough exists to reduce plastic waste. Sometimes we do this by promoting recycling. Other times through new biodegradable materials. Other times by adopting zero waste lifestyles. 


om is a Canadian craftsman with a workshop in A Coruña, that's how unique his story is. A young man passionate about skateboarding, sustainable culture... A true artist. 


Joaquín started his project many years ago when he began to repair his own windsurfing sails, and realized that the waste generated could be used. As a result of this idea, he decided to buy a sewing machine and, after making different tests.

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