But if you’re not familiar with our Basque protegee, and pronunciation nightmare then today is the right occasion for your first acquaintance. Hailing from Oiartzun, a small town near our beloved San Sebastian in the Spanish Basque Country, Julen is much more than your average contest grinder using surfing as a way for putting people down and showing off, as we’re unfortunately seeing too often in this part of the old world (we’re still staring you down from the other side of the room, fluro wetsuit glad groms)

Julen is in fact quite the opposite. If you’ve ever met the man, you know he’s as helping and humble as it comes and everything but short-sighted, which truly makes him a jolly good chap to be trading jars with.

Despite being featured some of the most tasteful videos coming from the old continent these past few years, including our own Guillem Cruells’ fantastic “Everything we Love”, this is the first time we’re able to dive into Julen’s life from a behind the scenes perspective. “Gutxi” shows us a little slice of his world, surfing around his Basque home and Cantabria, but also explores his personality off the board, as well as his other interests such as graphic design, tattooing, and expensive vehicles.

We took the chance to speak to Alex Kuesta, the mind behind the project, to gain additional insights on his relationship with Julen and Ethan, as well as the filming of Gutxi.

Do you remember the first time meeting Julen? How did your friendship with him evolve over the years?

As a kid, I knew of Julen and his brother Ethan from the local contests scene, but I never spoke to him until we shared the same room in a hostel. It was for a big wave contest in Asturias called El Mongol. The host told my friends and I that another surfer was coming later to the same room. We didn't know who he was yet and at that time we were always playing with these airsoft guns, and of course brought them as if we were thugs. We waited for that surfer to appear for like 40 minutes and we heard him coming up stairs. We turned the lights off and when he came by the door we started shooting balls at him. He started screaming and we were laughing so much. He found it really funny and quickly understood we were as crazy as him. We are best friends since that day, and still are despite the fact he lives in Oiartzun, 2 hours away from Santander, where I’m based. During the first years we just tried to meet altogether with his brother in the contests, and now we always try to find a way to travel together and speak everyday about anything.

Mundaka on a shiny and perfect day!

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