VAVZA x Mercrominah: interview and designs for the new collection

VAVZA x Mercrominah: interview and designs for the new collection

Mercrominah says through her illustrations what she thinks. And we love that. It is an honor for us to have been able to make this collaboration with her for our new collection, in which we completely switch to organic cotton.

Here you can see the clothes she has designed.

And here's an interview so that you know her a little more:

How are you? What are you up to lately?

Well, still with the hangover from my last book Pandemiah and good starting "back to school" with some interesting projects. A very interesting one where I have the pleasure of working with very great people.

Unfortunately I cannot give more information yet, but very soon!

Otherwise wanting to eat the world, and starting with new projects even from my home.

This 2020 we are turning 15 years old, and it is an honor for us that part of the celebration is to present your collection, we really wanted to. Was it cool to make these clothes?

I must say that being able to collaborate with a brand that I have been carrying for a long time has been a dream come true.

Skate culture is something that has always been very present in my life.

I love afternoons watching skate videos from a very young age, of afternoons in the halfpipe eating seeds, I am an old glory who still loves hardcore and continues with that "you don't do things like that anymore".

Sometimes it is difficult to find a feminine style that fits my style. I have had in mind a thousand times from a young age that of designing my own brand because nowadays it is difficult to find something decent in the feminine section of urban clothing.

With Vazva it was a full-fledged match, a good crush. Imagine what it is like to collaborate with the brand that rules your closet.

Collaborating with Vazva has been great.

Your work is full of sincerity, sarcasm and black humor, is it a reflection of what goes through your head or is there part of a character?

Yes it is. I am like that and people who know me know perfectly well that it is a reflection of my personality.

An "excuse" to say what is going through my head at that moment, without thinking about everything that may come behind. I never think about it, I say it and I don't look back.

My head works like this and I have been able to reach the balance of knowing how to translate it. I have reached that age that I have completely lost the filter and have come to live better since I speak my mind.

It is a therapy and it is a mirror, with the good and the bad.

You habe released your second book in this strange year. A bit of humor is very appreciated to somehow relativize all this...

"Metastasis never reaches the soul" as you can read in one of the phrases of the designs that I have done for Vazva. It is the reflection of a very hard year personally.

It was not a surprise that 2020 for me was going to be my worst year, since my father had a disease like cancer and I already knew that 2020 was going to be the worst year of my life.

The big surprise is having to live a duel, with the covid situation as well. All surreal.

Vazva has always been very involved with this disease, in fact it is something that united me a lot with the brand from the beginning.

Collaborating with you at this time has been something very special.

A lot of hard core, a lot of humor and a lot of noise for everyone.

I really want to be with Vazva in whatever it takes!

Thank you.

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