Interview with Tomás Alcobia

Interview with Tomás Alcobia

Hi Tomás, how are you? What are you doing lately?
Hi, i´m good thanks you!
I've just finished my first semester of the master degree, sport teacher, and have been enjoying my vacations around Algarve, Portugal. I got 2 months off, so my focus is to enjoy the fullest everyday, surfing a lot, spending the days with friends and teaching surfing, couple days per week at Freeride Surf School.

How have you been through these strange last months? Has this situation changed your plans a lot this year?
All this situacion can be horrible in many ways but to be honest, there are some good stuff to. For the first time i had insane month at my home town Lagos and Sagres, no one, no stress, just me and friends, bbq on the beach, no crowd in and out side the water, the air is clean and fresh, the water is clear and full of life again... But of course it change few things, but i'm positive and i think we will learn a lot with this and come back stronger!

What do you like to do when you are not in the water?

Outside of the water I tried to spend the days with my family and friends, chill on the beach or woods, going for a dinner or bbq,  cooking, taking pictures or doing some gardening.
Is the amazing Algarve your favorite place to surf? And to live?
Algarve is my home, is everything i need and want, is where my life is and is one of the thinks i will fight for!
I Love surfing here, but i know isn't the best place to surf. I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel in and outside Portugal, to see and try different waves, but in the end of the day my heart is in Algarve so, yes, it´s my favorite place to surf and live! 

VAZVA we have just turned 15 years, and you have already joined us in the last ones. What do you think you have changed in that time?

Yeah, we are all getting old ahah... Since the begging i have looked to VAZVA like Family, you guys help me and i try to help in every point i can.
The biggest changes for me are trying to be as active with VAZVA as i can, from building surfing clips, to show the brand around here and to be the best in and outside the water.
Congratulations and thanks for this amazing years together!

What plans do you have for the near future?

At the moment the plan is to enjoy every single moment. Then in a near future the plan is to finish my master degree, keeping building my surf clips and in longest future is to go keep surfing as much as i can, travel and maybe leave for another country for a year or more, to gain all types of experiences, see and try different things...

And finally, a space for you. Tell us whatever you want!

All i want to say is "Respect"! Respect the nature, the ocean, the animals, the people... Don't leave garbage on the streets, beach or woods.. Say no to plastic!
If everyone cares about this little things the world will be much better and healthy!
Live and Enjoy every Moment!
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