Interview with Danny León

Interview with Danny León

Hi Danny, how are you? What are you doing lately?

Hello, everything is fine right now. I am skating as much as I can, trying to keep fit and shooting many videos with a friend.

How have you been through these weeks of confinement? Has this situation changed your plans a lot?
Well at first very well, I was always looking for something to entertain myself, but after a month at home, I was lacking ideas and I got a little overwhelmed. We just went to phase 0 and going out to skate helped a lot to clear our minds. I suffered an incredible change from being almost traveling every week thanks to skateboarding to spend the day at home for weeks. All my future travel plans were canceled until further notice and I have no plans until October.

How was a normal day in your life without being able to go skating?
Well I did not have a routine, there were days that I used to cook, train at home or clean and days that I did not feel like doing anything and I was just in bed watching movies hahahaha but basically I did what everyone did, entertaining themselves with new things, many video calls with friends and family and I think what I did the most was to edit videos for YouTube.

Just before all this exploded you were in Bolivia, what can you tell us about that trip? What did you enjoy the most there?
The trip to Bolivia was incredible, because I was accompanied by one of my best friends (Krystian Malczuk) and we documented the trip a bit since no one of us were there before. I loved the hospitality of the locals, how they showed us the corners of each place in La Paz, seeing a place so full of color, with a different culture and at an altitude of 3,500m above sea level, I think that was the most difficult especially when skating, because we were lacking oxygen. But we had a great time, the pity was that we had to return earlier because of the news of the Covid-19 and because Spain declared itself in a state of alarm. Seeing that my flights were canceled, I had to find a way to get home. We were a little overwhelmed by the situation but we managed to enter Spain in the end.

VAZVA we have just turned 15 years, and you have already joined us in a few of them. What do you think you have changed in that time?
I joined Vazva as a kid and I think that the big change can be my way of thinking about life, I think I have matured in many aspects and most of this change is thanks to skateboarding. And I know that I will continue learning in many other aspects the rest of my life, we never stop learning.

What plans do you have for the near future?
I want to enjoy skating, record as much as I can with my friend and take more videos and prepare for the Olympics that were postponed to 2021.

And finally, a space for you. Tell us whatever you want!
Well, everyone who is interested should visit my YouTube channel to see what this year in my life with skateboarding will be like after canceling out all year that I had prepared. And thank you very much for the interview, my family for teaching me to follow what I want and the brands that are supporting me right now.

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