Iosu Alcantara

Iosu Alcantara

Who are you?

I'm Josu Alcantara, I'm from Zumaia and I'm the oldest son of a punk couple. Like most people, I wake up every day to go to work. Because of my work schedules and surfing, my life is stressful but I’m trying to find some time to go surfing day by day.

What does the surfing mean to you?

Surfing is my motivation, it's my frustration, it's my way of escape, it's my illness, it's my medicine, it's my joy, it's my ruin, it's my fun... 
The truth is that surfing in my life sucks. If there’s waves I spend my day trying to find the time to go surfing (sometimes I do not eat at noon and squeeze 40 min of surfing in, I paddle out when it is almost night and even when the tides are bad or there is no light) and then when I do have time there are no waves or the tide is bad. On the other hand there are also days where the tides and my schedule is perfect… on those days surfing isn’t that bad hahahaha

But surfing is not just surfing. Everything that surrounds it makes it special. To wake up daily thinking about the sea, organize the days according to tides and forecasts, long surfing afternoons, beach, beers, friends, laughs… That is what surfing is for me. 

What music do you like? What are your favourite groups and songs?

I am not disinclined to any kind of music style, for me they all contribute something.

I have been educated with all the gibberish of the 80s, groups like; Polla Records, Eskorbuto, RIP, Zicatriz ... therefore they are the groups that ment the most to me and those that I still like the most.

Goodbye Queen of Eskorbuto is one of my favorite songs.


What are your plans for the future? What motivates you?

Surfing, working, traveling, partying, having a family, enjoying with friends, family, girlfriend ... dying

Making videos is another thing that motivates me. I enjoy recording some surf images and editing my videos. That gives me some extra motivation when surfing.

What is Vazva for you?

It is a dream. When I first learned surfing and my parents started to sign me up for championships, they didn’t have the intention of me winning them but wanted me to meet people, surf different waves and visit different places. During this time, I had the illusion to be the best and have a sponsor. When I stopped competing at the age of 18, I started surfing for fun, leaving aside the training and discipline. Back then I started being part of this brand that is characterized by giving an alternative image to this sport.


Climate change, sustainability… What do you think?

They told us that is was going to be a problem for the future, but I think it is a current problem. We must act as soon as possible. Recycling is not the solution – not creating waste would be ideal. Stop using single-use plastics for example.

Creating a new and better way of consuming is important to extend the life of the planet. We have to change to a sustainable consumption and try to consume in the most ecological way possible.

To finish, tell us something about your last video.

Well, all I going to say that they are images that I have recorded during this year. Some with my phone, others putting the camera to record to webo, and some from outside. Insert a wapo theme and this is what has come out.

I would like to give you some advice: when you enjoy what you do, things go by themselves.


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